October 27, 2019 ☼ bookreview

How to quote a review without too many spoilers? Not of the book, but of the review. I, strangely, enjoy reading reviews of books that I have already read more than reading reviews of books that I didn‘t read.

For Maughan, culture is resolutely material, bound up in the media of everyday life. What, then, happens to cultural production when the dominant medium of our moment, the cloud, evaporates?

Technology operates within the same ecosystems of resource extraction as any other good produced under capitalism. For Maughan, what’s strange, otherworldly, or unsettling about digital cultures is less devices themselves and more how devices logically extend the systems of exploitation and control that make technology possible in the first place.

In this way, Maughan shows us how the work of memory is an active one that requires attention and care. Our digital culture is more fragile than we can even begin to understand.